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We conducted interior remodeling in Minami-ku, Yokohama City, including replacement of flooring and floor tiles!




Hello! We are Shokomuten Co., Ltd., specializing in roofing, exterior painting, and exterior remodeling in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture!

This time, instead of exterior remodeling, we have a case study of interior remodeling in Minami Ward, Yokohama City.

For the interior remodeling, we conducted a flooring replacement project and converted the traditional Japanese-style closet (oshiire) into a walk-in closet. Additionally, we painted the entire interior in a white color scheme!

The floor is tatami ☞ Replaced with hardwood flooring
Fusuma     ☞ Changed to flush door
Closet      ☞ Walk-in closet
Kitchen floor   ☞ Floor tile overlay

On this page, we will explain the actual achievements carried out by Shokomuten Co., Ltd.! We sincerely thank you for choosing Shokomuten Co., Ltd. among many other contractors.

Interior and Flooring Replacement Construction Procedure

1.Removal of Existing Tatami and Flooring Materials

First, we will proceed with the removal of existing tatami and flooring materials! We will carefully remove them to avoid damaging walls or other surfaces. Additionally, we will thoroughly clean up any small debris generated during the removal process.

2.Floor Joist Installation

Next, we will install the floor joists (framework). We will leave a slight gap between the ends and the walls to prevent squeaking noises.

The presence of floor joists helps to distribute the load placed on the floor (flooring), increasing safety.

3.Laying the Subfloor Boards

Next, we will lay down the subflooring material known as ‘nora-ita.’ With this, the framework for the flooring is complete.

Removing the tatami mats reduces the overall height by the thickness of the tatami. It is important to adjust this height, so we used spacers to proceed with the subflooring.

4.Laying the Flooring

Next, we will lay the flooring on top of the subfloor. We will perform detailed size adjustments to align the height and other aspects during installation, completing the flooring.

The flooring material used for this project is Daiiken Industry’s ‘Hapia Otoyuka 45II Ash Pattern’!

The materials used


◎The flooring


Ash pattern

大建工業 ハピアオトユカ45? 銘木柄(147幅タイプ) (アッシュ柄) YB11445-88

◎Interior paint


Color: White

◎Flooring in front of the kitchen


Wood pattern


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