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We performed a renovation at the residence of Mr. H in Chofu City, Tokyo, including roof painting, eaves trough replacement, and interior wood painting.






Hello! I’m Yamada from Shou Construction Co., Ltd., a specialist in roof construction, exterior painting, and exterior remodeling located in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture! This is an example of a roof painting, eaves trough replacement, and interior wood painting project in Chofu City, Tokyo!

At Shou Construction Co., Ltd., we also handle interior painting and interior construction! Thank you very much for choosing Shou Construction Co., Ltd. among the many contractors this time.

Roof Painting Process

1.High-pressure washing

High-pressure washing of the roof effectively removes moss and dirt.

2.Protection of each part

We will protect non-paintable parts such as gutters using masking tape and polyethylene sheets.
This is an important step in the process.

3.Surface preparation and crack repair

Repairing cracks.

4.Primer coat

This time, we used Japan Paint’s Best Sealer. Applying a thorough primer coat makes a difference in durability and finish.

5.Installing spacers

After priming, insert spacers between the roofing materials to ensure proper drainage for rainwater and moisture.

6.Middle coat” or “intermediate coat

We used Japan Paint’s Fine Perfect Best for the paint.
It is said to have a durability of approximately 10 to 12 years.
The actual durability may vary depending on factors such as sunlight exposure.

7.Top coat” or simply “finish coat

This completes the roof painting.

8.Cleaning” or “clean-up

The procedure for replacing eaves troughs.

1.Dismantling existing eaves troughs

Remove the eaves troughs and brackets without damaging the fascia board.

2.Installing new eaves trough brackets

We will attach the new eaves trough brackets.
When installing the brackets, it’s crucial to establish the gradient of the gutter using the brackets.
We’ll use a string or chalk line to create the gradient. The gradient of the gutter is essential!
A key point to note is that due to any distortion in the fascia (where the eaves trough brackets were attached) or the building structure, even if we create a gradient with the brackets, there might be instances of reverse flow.
It’s crucial to confirm the gradient using a spirit level on the fascia before attaching the brackets. This ensures proper installation.

3.Attaching the eaves trough

We’ll now proceed to install the new eaves trough!

4.Connecting to the existing downspout

We’ll join the existing downspout with the eaves trough.

5.We’ll conduct a water flow test, clean up, and then it’s complete!

The procedure for interior wood painting works

1.Floor protection

We will carefully protect the surrounding area.

2.Surface preparation

We will scrape and clean the surface.

3.Masking/Protective covering

We will carefully mask off the areas not to be painted using masking tape and similar materials.


We used a cationic clear sealer to prevent the buildup of resin and other wood-specific impurities!

5.Intermediate coating

We used Eska Coating’s Sunny Build for the paint.
It is said to have a durability of 5 to 7 years.
The actual durability may vary depending on factors such as sunlight exposure.


This completes the interior wood painting.


All the work is now completed! The finished result has left our customer extremely satisfied!

It’s important to note that Colonial painting does not extend the durability or lifespan. We often hear about concerns regarding waterproofing, but Colonial painting solely enhances aesthetics. In the case of heat-insulating paint, it also improves insulation.

When it comes to roof painting, we always make sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly before proceeding with the work.


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