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Hello! We are Shou Construction Co., Ltd. (Kakeru Koumuten), specializing in roofing, exterior wall painting, and exterior renovations in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture! This time, it’s not an exterior renovation, but a case study of interior renovation in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City.

At Shou Construction, we also handle interior painting and interior construction!

For interior renovations, we replaced the flooring, installed new wallpaper, and renovated the toilet!

We replaced the tatami flooring with flooring, and renovated the walls from cotton walls to wallpaper!

For the toilet, we replaced the toilet bowl and installed a washlet, replaced the cushion floor, and carried out wallpapering.

Additionally, we also performed tasks such as mowing the grass around the house!

On this page, we will explain the actual achievements carried out by Shou Construction. We sincerely appreciate your choosing Shou Construction Co., Ltd. among numerous other contractors for your project. Thank you very much for your patronage.

Below are the steps involved in interior renovation in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City

Here are the steps for flooring installation

1.Removing Existing Tatami/Flooring Materials

First, we will proceed with removing the existing tatami and flooring materials. We will do so carefully to avoid damaging walls or other surfaces.

2.Assembling the floor joists.

Next, we will assemble the floor joists (framework). We will ensure that the ends are slightly spaced from the walls to prevent any creaking noises.

The presence of floor joists helps distribute the weight placed on the floor (flooring), increasing safety and stability.

3.Laying the subfloor boards.

Next, we will lay down the subflooring material called “nora ita.” With this, the foundation for the flooring is complete.

Due to the removal of tatami, the height has decreased by the thickness of the tatami. It’s important to adjust this height, so we used spacers to proceed with the subfloor preparation.

4.Laying the flooring.

Next, we will lay the flooring on top of the subfloor. We will carefully adjust the size and height while ensuring proper alignment, resulting in the completion of the flooring installation.

Wallpapering (from cotton walls to wallpaper).

1.Protective covering (tarping).

First, we will begin by applying protective covering such as masking tape to areas where we won’t be working, like the floor. This is a crucial step in interior construction! Neglecting proper protective covering can lead to floor damage or contamination of other areas where work has been completed. Therefore, we will ensure thorough protective covering.

2.Plywood sheathing.

Next, we will adhere plywood sheathing to the surface using adhesive. We will ensure a precise fit by carefully measuring and adjusting the size to prevent any gaps, especially at the joints.

3.Putty application.


Once the plywood sheathing is applied, we will meticulously fill and smooth out the joints using putty. By filling these joints, we can achieve a clean and polished finish!


4.Wallpaper installation.

Finally, we will install the wallpaper, completing the project!

Toilet renovation.


Laying cushioned vinyl flooring and installing the toilet bowl.

Materials Used

Materials Used


ダイケン/フォレスティア JM

Tea Brown



Toilet Fixture



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We have published information on roof construction costs and pricing plans for roof covering methods. If you’re interested, please take a look!

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