customer reviews

The craftsmen and their subordinates breathed perfectly, and I felt a sense of mutual trust.

I asked them to repair the gutter. He arrived on time as promised. He was clean and made a very good impression. He was very clean and made a very good impression. He worked quickly and he and his subordinates felt a sense of mutual trust. He explained the structure of the building in a way that was very easy for a layman to understand, and I could sense from our conversation that he had many years of experience. I had a very good feeling and would be happy if you could help me again if I have any problems. Thank you very much.
For roofing, guttering, and exterior work and repairs in Kanagawa, contact Kakerukoumuten Co., Ltd..

AAA is a young company with an average age in the early 20s, but our technology is second to none.

One of our greatest strengths is that we can do all of our own scaffolding, roofing, and painting work. In this industry, where work is generally divided, we are able to provide a complete set of services, which saves time and effort in management and reduces costs. Above all, if there is any trouble, we will come to you right away!

We can confidently declare this. We are the youngest and most friendly renovator in Kanagawa!