Our Warranty

About Our Warranty

There are a lot of construction companies out there, and some of them are much more trustworthy than us in terms of the number of years they have been in business and their scale.
In spite of this, we would like to return the favour to you in any way we can for choosing us!

Ceiling : Coverage of 5 to 15 years

The warranty is provided for the replacement of ceiling.
The warranty period depends on the type of ceiling used.
Ex.Urethane-type 5 years、Silicone-type 8 years、Special highly durable polymer 15 years

Example of ceiling joint replacement work

Exterior wall painting : Coverage of 5 to 15 years

The warranty period depends on the type of paints used.
Example of exterior wall coating work

Roofing work : Coverage of 10 to 30 years

The warranty period depends on the type of roofing material used.
Example of roofing works

Rain gutter replacement : Coverage of 5 years

Example of rain gutter replacement work

We do not take any advance or interim payments!

We do not require any advance or interim payments for construction!
We won’t charge you for any work until you’ve reviewed our warranty and photos after the installation is complete and you’re satisfied!!

Complete in-house roofing, painting, and scaffolding work for customer peace of mind


When the owner of an apartment or condominium requests scaffolding, roofing, or painting work, most companies have separate subcontractors, and in many cases, the cost estimate will be higher due to the combination of intermediate margins.

However, since AAA handles scaffolding, roofing, and exterior painting work in an all-in-one process, we are able to proceed with the work without the need for intermediate costs, making it more cost effective and speedy.

If scaffolding is required for even a small project like gutter repair…

・Scaffolding assembly (scaffolding construction company) 1 day
・Gutter repair (gutter contractor) 1 day
・Scaffolding dismantling (scaffolding contractor) 1 day

It will take a total of three days to complete the process as described above…

If you entrust AAA with a small job such as guttering, it is possible to complete the work from scaffolding assembly to dismantling in one day.
By completing the work in one day, we can reduce transportation and labor costs. We hope that you will compare our prices with those of other companies.


Since we have young technicians working on our projects, there have been times when customers have been concerned about their lack of experience. However, we have the technical skills and knowledge to give customers a sense of security that overrides this concern.

A roofing material manufacturer called “D’s ROOFING” once complimented me on my work on roofing sheet metal and uploaded it on Instagram. To put it another way, it was a proud honor, like winning an Academy Award. However, we are not resting on our laurels, and we are working hard to improve our skills every day.

As a young and friendly renovator, we put our customers’ peace of mind first, and will work to provide services that will satisfy our customers by performing reliable work according to the current conditions of their homes.

We also provide roofing services

If maintenance is neglected, rainwater will enter the house, erode the framework, and cause serious damage to the house due to mold and corrosion, resulting in large repair costs or even rebuilding in the worst case scenario.


Even the accumulation of debris such as fallen leaves in gutters and roofs can cause poor drainage, which can lead to leaks. We also provide roofing services, and recommend roofing overlay work (cover construction method) and re-roofing work to prevent earthquakes.

Since it is your precious residence, regular maintenance will help you live in a safe and secure situation for many years to come. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns, as minor repairs and maintenance can keep your home looking beautiful.

・What is roof overlay (roof covering method)?

The roof covering method is to leave the current roof almost as it is and put a new roof on top of it.
Literally, it is a method of covering the roof with a roof. Therefore, the roof is doubled. Since the roofs are piled on top of each other, it is also called “piled roofing.

Advantages of the Cover Method

Since the new roof is placed over the existing roof, there is almost no need for demolition, meaning that almost no waste materials are generated.
This is the most important feature of the new roof, which leads to various advantages.

The only part that needs to be dismantled and scrapped is the sheet metal, so so the cost is lower than that of replacing the roof.
In 2004, the laws and regulations regarding the concentration of asbestos in raw materials were changed(See the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website for details).
Some building materials in buildings constructed before 2004 contain asbestos.Asbestos-containing building materials are difficult to dismantle due to their high environmental impact, and the cost of dismantling them and disposing of the waste materials is high. The cover method, which produces almost no waste material, is ideal for this type of roof.

Some people may wonder if it is safe to live in a building that contains asbestos, but don’t worry.It will not be dispersed into the air unless it is destroyed or crushed.
Also, if you are unsure of the type of roof you live on, please contact us.

It can also be constructed in a shorter period of time than painting or re-thatching. The shorter the construction period, the lower the labor cost, and therefore the lower the cost.
It also reduces the psychological anxiety of having to live in a different environment than usual.
When scaffolding is erected, it is sometimes inconvenient to enter and exit the building, or to open windows. Being able to return to normal life in a short period of time is a great advantage.

Extend the life of your home with exterior wall painting


The exterior walls of a building are exposed to ultraviolet rays and wind and rain on a daily basis. It is also the part of the building that deteriorates the most. If the damaged exterior walls are left unattended, the walls will crack and leak, allowing rainwater to penetrate and deteriorate the interior of the house.

And if it develops into a problem such as a leak, it may require extensive repair work, which will cost extra money. Regular renovation is essential to extend the life of the house itself.

Generally speaking, exterior walls need to be repainted every 10 to 15 years. However, we do not recommend repainting or other repairs that are not necessary. Coating of roofs (slate, colonial, colored vest) can only be expected to improve aesthetics, as explained by the roofing material manufacturer. For roofing materials that are beyond their useful life, roof covering is the best option. We will guide you through the installation process as needed, so please contact us for a free estimate and inquiry first.

You can learn more about gutters, roof renovation, and exterior wall painting in our staff blog and construction example.

Please take a look.